by Black Tears

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Melodic, melancholic black metal from Seattle, Washington. With this debut EP, Black Tears ranges from slow, depressive doom metal to cascading tremolo picking and blast beats.


released May 15, 2015



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Black Tears Seattle, Washington

In the search of a darker form of expression, Trevor Eulau started the project Black Tears to convey a deep feeling of melancholy and longing into melodic black metal.In May of 2015, the first EP "Forgotten" was released.Ranging from slow, depressive doom metal to cascading tremelo picking and blast beats, "Forgotten" is a sorrowful journey into the soul. ... more

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Track Name: Forgotten
Forgive me for my vision.
Cure this sadness in me
This road will be forgotten.
My life in vain
In my blindness
I search for light
Deaf ears search for sound
But this silence surrounds me now

Words flutter through my mind going unspoken
Ideas that shouldn't be thought are chosen
Lies surround me with their temptation
Just out of reach from my expectations
Save me from myself
Track Name: Remnants of this Sorrow
This life, I've not seen before,
Dancing back and forth,
Everytime I reach out,
The light only fades,

Remnants are all that remain,
A long lost past that will never be found,
All of it is such a strain,
For in these sorrows I drown

This life is an illusion,
But deeper I still fall,
What is broken cannot be mended,
Some things were made to never see light
Track Name: Longing...
This want I don't know,
This feeling I can't describe,
The longing inside, it consumes me,
The longer I fall the longer I want to fall further,

The sight haunts every day,
Things are broken that I can't fix,
The more I try,
The more the foundation of my life collapses beneath me
Track Name: The Abyss of Life
I walk this land to endure myself
A pawn of a fate that exists no more
A burden of darkness on my soul and mind
Hallowed, and broken my life is torn.

Deeper into the abyss of life
I fall

A sense of a lost truth in me
A forgotten past that I cannot endure
An endless struggle that eats me alive
My life is torn

These ancient sorrows,
Feed my sorrows,
These ancient sorrows,
Feed my sorrows